My name is Shahbaz Ahmed
I am a Full-time Freelancer by Profession.​

In my career of more than a decade, I have worked in several roles, including sales, marketing, academics, research, and services. Plus, I travelled around the globe and have interacted with people from dozens of countries and cultures. In that journey, I learned about different ways people make money online or through more tangible, traditional methods in the physical world. People always asked me on how to make money legally, and I have found that they often get misled by the black hat approaches. That’s why, I started Legal Earning Tips to share my experience, tips, and tools.


I have been more than 15 years in freelancing, and have worked with more than 100 clients around the globe.​

About Me​

Being a Physicist by training, and Businessman by attitude, I currently work as a full-time freelance scientific writer.

“I have no special talents, I am only passionately curious”, once quoted by Albert Einstein, it represents myself. I believe my inquisitiveness has shaped my life straight from my childhood age till now.


Years of Experience


Awards & Honors

My Experiences​

Life is quite like a roller coaster where you have highs and lows, but it is important that we should have a set destination.

No experience is useless, whether it is trivial or huge; good or bad. I have been through different experiences in a variety of industries. Quite often, I have been exposed to failures, rejections, and abandonments. However, all those stages made me stronger than before.

As you can see from the timeline of my career highlights on side, it is not difficult to switch industries when you have a reason for it. Sometimes, the reason could simply be MONEY, or SATISFACTION at other times. For me, most of the times, the moves were due to UNMET EXPECTATIONS which made me unsatisfied from the role that I switched. While I changed careers due to be CONTENT with whatever I do, the money flew in anyway.

I am not saying that it is not good to be considerate of financial aspects, you should be FAIR enough. Generally, if the leave people on good terms, and do not just dump them, you are good to go.

I wish you the best of luck with your endeavours.

Shahbaz Ahmed, MS
Chief Executive, More X Tech


Teaching & Tutoring

As an undergrad, I found a fulfilling part-time job teaching science at a local school, which was perfectly situated along my daily commute to the university. In the meantime, I got some leads to tutor students of various age groups, starting from kindergarten to high school.


Sales and Telemarketing

My ‘selling’ career started when I marketed and sold SIM cards, balance, and packages for a leading telecom provider. Moving on, I worked at a Call Center for telemarketing the services and products for clients in North America.


Academics and Research

I continued teaching and mentoring in the capacities of telesales trainer, college lecturer, and finally a university lecturer.



While I got promoted as assistant professor at my university, I couldn’t continue to agree with the policies of my employer. That’s why, I fired my boss and bootstrapped into freelancing. Around the same time, I embarked on my PhD through Fulbright Cultural Exchange Scholarship. Since then, I have been working on and off in both online and in-person roles, and have been switching hats. Currently, I tag myself as a full-time freelancer.

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